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Today technology has gone a step further with the advancement and emergence of technologies like Web 2.0 standards, Ajax and RIA applications. Adobe Flash and Flex with their power of interactivity, have given new looks and dimensions to the Internet. Flex is a free, open source framework for building highly interactive web applications.
Its run time - Flash Player and Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) are available on all major browsers, desktops and Operating Systems. With the growing need of flash-based interactive and animated content on web, we provide the services for flash sites, presentation, animated banners & intros and applications using flash and flex technology.
Gateway will provide professional flash/flex developers to provide you with complete flash/flex development services from animations to dynamic website development and custom application development. It can provide complete solution for Flash/Flex integration with MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle and PostgreSQL with Server-side technologies like PHP, JAVA, .NET and Ruby on Rails (RoR).
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