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If you are looking for your brand exposure to generate traffic and business growth then Gateway is the place to end your search. Facebook applications are smart social networking process that can help in achieving socializing goals. The application development can help to generate media strategies with the extensive demographic reach and maximized output.
Our Facebook application developers are constantly pursuing innovative strategies to help generate business message around the world. Our skill set includes strategists, copywriters, SEO team, designers, developers, consultants, project managers and client servicing managers, who with their experience and expertise can accomplish any tasks on time and with perfection.
Business Benefits of Using Facebook Applications
  • Branding - Facebook has turned out to be one of the best source for generating brand awareness. It has become popular amongst various age demographics and can increase awareness and recognition for products and services.
  • Customer Engagement - Use of Facebook applications can be one of the best medium for promotions, contest and events. Using these methods can leverage to entice consumer engagement with brand identity.
  • Drive Web Traffic - Facebook can be use as a medium for driving traffic to a site and other online resources.
  • Reputation Management - Can be a useful medium to increase product promotion by listening to customer viewpoint and engaging in dialog. Help to learn more about competitor brands and customers expectation from the brand.
  • New Customer Acquisition - Facebook can be useful to convert new prospects into customers by providing an opportunity to reach new customers.
  • Lead Generation - Facebook can act a potential lead generating tool that can be further used to qualify leads. Reviewing potential prospects' profiles may help in the lead generation qualifying process and also help in creating strong bond with the prospect.
  • Client Retention - Provides another potential interception point to satisfy and retain current consumers.
  • Feedback Mechanism - Using Facebook and the various applications available can help to understand consumer viewpoint based on the sharing of knowledge and information.
  • Build Business Use Cases - Facebook can provide the platform to create business growth by targeting vertical markets with specific business objectives.
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