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Smarty is a web template/presentation framework written in PHP scripts. Its features are distinct from other template engines and has even better tool for designers and programmers. Smarty parses your templates and creates PHP scripts from them unlike creating binaries as in the case of other general programming.

As and when the web page gets viewed, Smarty reads from these PHP scripts instead of parsing your templates again, without sacrificing speed, security or performance. This makes Smarty very scalable for large applications and makes it an ideal choice for programmers to work it on stressful and high-traffic conditions without worrying about manual compilation of the templates.

The basic advantage for using Smarty is that the code is in a PHP file and the programmers do not have to mix the instructions with HTML. Furthermore, if the designer intends to make any changes in the layout structure of a page the programmers are not necessitate to change the code structure to suit the new layout since the functionalities remain the same.
  • Extremely fast customization
  • Reduce the overhead incurred in parsing the templates
  • Recompiles only the changed template files
  • Extremely extensible Template language
  • PHP code can be embedded right in your template files
  • Built-in caching support
Gateway team has an extensive experience in Smarty and has implemented Smarty for various projects including community portals, e-commerce portals, etc.
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