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Gateway can help organizations to create strategic differentiation and operational superiority by configuring and implementing a CRM solution aligned with the elements of competitive strategy. We make sure the information accessible to employees are up-to-date, and provide the knowledge for employees to convert that data into products better matched to customers' needs.
Gateways' CRM strategies and the solutions helps in addressing a variety of CRM implementation issues in areas such as account management, customer retention and campaign management, or call center interactions. Our CRM consulting team can help through devise specialized CRM strategies that reflect positively on revenue, productivity and customer satisfaction.

Gateway has developed CRM on various technologies on some popular databases.

  • PHP
  • .NET Platform
  • Cold Fusion MX
  • JSP
  • MS Sql Server
  • Sybase
  • Oracle


Gateway's CRM Services objectives:

  • Streamlined sales and marketing processes
  • Higher sales productivity
  • Added cross-selling and up-selling opportunities
  • Improved customer service
  • Better customer profiling and targeting
  • Reduced expenses
  • Increased market share
  • Higher overall profitability

We can work on the following services but not limited to:

Events Calendar

Gateway team can help you to build Interactive calendars and event management applications that will provide the following functionalities but not limited to:
  • Schedule Announcement
  • Publish event dates and registration information
  • Display the news about upcoming shows, exhibits and concerts
  • Post internal deadlines and project milestones or roadmaps

Lead management system

We develop custom Lead Generation and management software application as per the specific needs of our customers and help them to generate and manage quality leads effectively.
With extensive expertise on diverse industries and technology, we can not only help you create custom software applications but also help you implement open source CRM software applications like SugarCRM and vTiger to manage your leads effectively.
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