Open Source Development
Open Source Development

PHP Application Development

Over the past few years the PHP scripting language has propel in a quick time allowing you to build a dynamically-generated webpage quickly and easily. Gateway can build systems that include forums or communities, organizers, project management tools, calendars, shopping carts, mailing lists, and all sorts of useful applications without spending unnecessary time and money on refactoring code in a different language.
PHP Development tools are
  • Provide cost effective solutions
  • Free availability of the actual code to the public
  • PHP code can be inserted directly into the HTML
  • Runs fast and does, not tend to slow other processes down.
  • Works well with other software and can be quite fast.
  • Complex application solutions can be solved in a faster rate.
  • Easy accessibility and connective abilities
  • Allows advanced programming easily integrated with web pages.
  • PHP can run on both UNIX and Windows servers
  • More accessible than Windows (ASP).
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