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PostgreSQL is an advanced free of cost object-relational database system and offers the performance, stability, scalability, reliability and flexibility for critical applications.
One of the major advantage of the system is it can be functioned on all major operating systems, including Linux, UNIX and Windows. PostgreSQL functions are built-in support for B+-tree, hash, GiST and GiN indexes.
Gateway over the years has an extensive experience in PHP PostgreSQL Development. We can make your business preference in PHP PostgreSQL Development and will help you to have an edge over your competitors.
PostgreSQL Features
  • Allows and supports heavy transaction loads in large multi-user environments
  • Allows PostgreSQL to make a complete database backup while the database is live.
  • Prevents irrevocable data loss
  • Maintain views of database tables and their data exactly as they were.
  • Ensures that runtime database design tweaking does not interrupt production operation
  • Data can be recovered in the event of error.
  • Enables the independent management of system resources
  • Access controls to multiple PostgreSQL database environments within one go.
  • Automatically provides recovery from a PostgreSQL fault in a live system.
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