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Performance & Capacity - Monitoring, Reporting and Fault Notification System

Project Name: Performance & Capacity - Monitoring, Reporting and Fault Notification System
Client Name: One of the large Internet Service Provider's with service offerings covering internet, DVB-T (Digital Television), Telecommunication & mobile.
Scope: Gateway developed an integrated scalable standards compliant solution having the following features:
  • Linux
  • Central management and monitoring Console with an intuitive Ajax Based GUI
  • Automated provisioning of devices for performance and capacity monitoring with XML / CSV interface to industry standard inventory management and control systems like NetCracker and Spectrum.
  • Automated reconciliation of device configuration changes based on SNMP Walk and parsing of CVS diff from Rancid.
  • The Performance monitoring covered for both 32bit and 64bit counters across SNMP version 1, 2 and 3:
  • SNMP based user configurable threshold notification on all interfaces and complex threshold notifications using SQL queries on device level. In-depth reporting with HTML and CSV output - covering Utilization reports, Flat Lining or base lining and user customizable SNMP OID based custom reports.
  • Central monitoring interface with user ACL based trees displaying customer wise device and interface information with full text tree search and dynamic query builder like advanced search.
  • The application features automated device load management with intelligent distribution of devices based on the device types, Network Usage and Location. It also incorporates counters to monitor the server health and raise notification incase of failures and overloads.
  • Centralized monitoring platform
  • Greater visibility into the network operations and more effective capacity monitoring and planning
  • Fast & improved decision-making process
  • Enhance data accuracy and reliability with broader spectrum of performance and capacity counters.
Team Size:  
  • Perl (with Perl::SNMP)
  • PHP 5.x (with PHP5-SNMP)
  • Ext JS Ajax Framework
  • GCC 4.xx
  • net-SNMP
  • CVS, Rancid, RRD Tool
  • MySQL Enterprise 5.x
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