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Drupal CMS implementation & customization to deliver a Video on Demand portal

Project Name: Drupal CMS implementation & customization to deliver a Video on Demand portal
Client Name: A telecommunications company with headquarters in Vienna that provides online news of entertainment industries and lot more services.
Industry: Telecom
Scope: Gateway developed a Video on demand (VOD) portal that provides pay-per-view (PPV) services with authentication and real time protected streaming of audios/video.
Gateway designed a completely distributed architecture in order to meet high availability, robustness components, high system throughput and media security requirements.
This mechanism enabled us to measure a load on each System Unit (SU) and provide an ability to scale up each SU depending on load. System Units that were involved are as follows:
  • Media SU - Upload, media conversation to appropriate bit rate, Red5 open source server was used for VOD Protected audio/video streaming.
  • Web SU - Serve client requests to dynamic pages (PHP), provide authorized clients with requested media content, trailers, announcements, etc.
  • Database SU - PostgresSQL cluster that were used by both Media SU and Web SU to track media database, site enabled features, billing information, accounting, etc.
  • SAN - Hardware unit or set of units that connects storage media with other units utilizing high speed FC connection.
Gateway used & customized a 3rd party FLV player to stream on demand music and movies.
  • No license at all - not even for special functions: Low Costs for a professional system.
  • Enable users to get access to a new movie release instantaneously.
  • Generate revenue from paid movie broadcasting.
Team Size:  
  • Drupal 6.2
  • PHP 5.2
  • Smarty Template
  • AJAX & Javascript
  • PostgreSQL 8.2.7
  • Red5
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