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PHP is one of the most popular and usable scripting language that aims to increase speed process, web applications management and replace recurrent coding tasks. Nevertheless, PHP framework comes with a few prerequisites that are required for its installation process: Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS or Microsoft Windows, and a web server with PHP5. By applying PHP, framework developers are not required to spend time to write infinite XML configuration files and can focus more on applicative logic. Developers can take advantage of the inbuilt internationalization layer to set up scalable and robust applications in an enterprise context. The program help the developers to test debug and document projects, giving them hold over configuration and customization - from the directory structure to the foreign libraries. Gateway expertise in below PHP Frame Works:

Zend Framework Development

Zend Framework is a simple, straightforward, open-source software framework for PHP 5 and higher version designed to eliminate the tedious details of coding and let you focus on the big picture for developing web applications and services.

Symfony Development

The Symfony framework is an Open Source PHP5 framework for the development of web applications. It provides the platform for developers to build complex web applications faster and allows applications to release earlier.

CakePHP Development

Cake is an open source web application PHP framework. Gateway is actively using CakePHP framework for rapid and robust web application development. Over the years using CakePHP framework we have developed successful Web Projects.
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