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Symfony is an Open Source PHP5 framework for the development of web applications. It provides ideal platform for developers to build complex web applications faster and allows applications to release earlier. Symfony helps to host and scale applications without problem. Developers gain time in the development process and get better maintainable and testable code. Symfony is considered to be the most popular PHP framework around.
Benefits of Symfony for the customer
  • Instant and easy developments of a custom-made website
  • Build on proven techniques and standards.
  • Less bugs
  • Less lines of code
  • Comprises of AJAX and Web2.0 ideology, MVC framework
  • Automated testing possible
  • ORM layer Propel or Doctrine makes the Database independent.
  • Easy modification of Web applications with clear MVC (Model View Controller) structure.
  • Appropriate for development methodologies like XP (Extreme Programming).
  • Published under the MIT open source license.
Benefits of Symfony for the developer
  • Object oriented code and in PHP5 format.
  • Model View Control MVC architecture makes it even clearer and flexible in structure.
  • Easy to install on any configuration
  • Automated en configurable backend generation.
  • Very readable code with easy maintenance
  • Simple in most cases, but still flexible enough to adapt to complex cases
  • Advanced cache system which has various cache type options like file cache, apc cache, memcache, and some others.
  • Configuration files and database model files are written in a simple and in a faster way using completely own written YML (YAML) parser
  • Very suitable for development methodologies like XP (Extreme Programming).
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