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One of the main reasons to offer a message board or forum application is to encourage repeat traffic to a website. One of the best ways to create repeat traffic is to build a community feeling on your site. Bulletin Boards helps to build community and provide a means for site visitors to exchange thoughts, ideas, opinions and information with others. Gateway's software reduces cost of ownership, while providing a robust, stable and dependable bulletin board / forum software package with many great features. It offers effective methods to interact with visitors while promoting your products and services or offering your thoughts or expertise. Your visitors will appreciate a stable, reliable and flexible message board without ads and bring a new level of interactivity. It will also boost recurring traffic as well as brand loyalty.

PhpBB Development

Since its inception phpBB has become one of the most widely acclaimed Open Source forum solutions. It has an easy to use and user friendly management panel and installation process that allows a forum set up process in quick time. It has a high powered, fully scalable, and highly customizable Open Source bulletin board package which is simple and easy to use.


General Features
  • Scalable Solution - database server and web servers can reside on separate machines.

IP Board

IP Board is a professional forum system that has been built for following reasons:
  • Increasre speed
  • Tighten Security
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