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Ext JS is a cross-browser JavaScript library for building rich Internet applications. It includes:
  • Performance and fast development
  • Reliability and security
  • Extensibility
Browser Compatibility
Ext JS supports all major web browsers including:
  • Internet Explorer 6+
  • Mozilla FireFox 1.5+ (PC, Mac)
  • Apple Safari 3+
  • Opera 9+ (PC, Mac)
  • Chrome 1.0 and higher
Advantages of Ext JS
  • Ext JS is cross-browser compatible.
  • Ext JS has a complete set of widgets.
  • Ext JS is very well documented.
  • Ext JS has many extensions contributed by a large and ever growing community.
  • Ext JS has a very active community.
  • Ext JS is able to provide everything that a desktop or web application needs, from look and feel to features.
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